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Arreat's Face

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Biggin's Bonnet

Arreat's Face (ETH)

Ethereal Barbarian helm with high defense.
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Eth Arreat is one of the best Barbarian helms, it gives +20 to Strength/Dexterity, 20% Bonus to Attack Rating, All Resistances and Life Leech.
Ethereal Arreat will give a huge boost to your defense but must be Zod'ed, so it will not lose durability. Slayer Guard is an exceptional unique so it can be upgraded to Guardian Crown (elite), which will have higher defense but also higher requirements.

Slayer GuardGuardian Crown
Defense: 452-543437-756
Durability: 28 → 28-55 of 55
(Barbarian Only)
Required Strength: 108 → 186
Required Level: 42 → 72
+2 To Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)
+2 To Barbarian Skills
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
20% Bonus To Attack Rating
3-6% Life Stolen Per Hit
+150-200% Enhanced Defense
+20 To Strength
+20 To Dexterity
All Resistances +30
Ethereal (Cannot Be Repaired)
More Information
Product Type Trade
Quality Ethereal Unique
Level Required 42
Type Exceptional, Barbarian Helm
Recommended for Melee, Barbarian, Mercenary Act 5
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