Essentially what we sell is time - a way for you to skip the boring grind and just enjoy the rewards.

ItemForge is a micro company from Poland, which has sold virtual goods and services for online games since 2012. We started as a Diablo 3 shop and we have expanded over the years. Currently our flag games are Diablo 2, Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft. You can check our reputation on eBay: itemforge (1800+ feedback, 100% positive).

Gwiazdowa 11/79
94-011 Lodz (Poland)
NIP: 7272786797
REGON: 101415119

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Who We Are

We are a team of gamers from all corners of the world who chose to earn money by playing games. Unlike eSports, we operate in the shadows and our customers get all the glory of our accomplishments.
Regardless of our diverse professional backgrounds, our passion for games is what we all have in common. Everybody working here can't imagine life without gaming and staying up all night and/or skipping school to play games is a shared story of our youth.

Our Mission

To become a beacon of quality and trust - a place where gamers can buy anything for any game.

Our Approach

We use our expertise to make the lives of fellow gamers easier and to help them accomplish their goals. We aim to create high quality content that will inform and educate not just our customers, but all players who don't have the time to read wall-of-text guides.
Our goal is to provide the best selection of products for online games at reasonable prices, but we do not believe in competing only on price. Safety, quality and professionalism are more important to us and hopefully to you as well!

Our Services

Online gaming services are for people who value their time. For the monetary equivalent of 1 work hour in the Western world, you can usually buy 5-10 hours of our time or save yourself dozens, if not hundreds of hours of grind by buying a boost, items or currency. You can relax and let us play on your account or play by yourself; either way you will get rewards much faster than you would be able to achieve on your own. We can offer quick delivery not only because of our expertise and efficiency but because we can play for many hours every day (this is our job) and our well-developed accounts can carry your under-geared character through the highest difficulty levels!
We sell services tailored to every budget and you can count on three main variants of our products: economical, the best price:value and premium quality. If you can't find what you need, you just need to ask us and we will likely add it to our offer :)

Our History