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game mode delivery safe?
  Choosing game mode (server)?
Price, delivery and availability may vary from server to server so please choose before browsing and double check before every purchase.

After choosing your game mode, all products will auto-update, showing only those available on your server, as well as correct price and delivery. Your choice will be remembered by a Cookie. You can change server at any time by clicking a dropdown located in top-right of every category (over "Sort By" option) or on any product page.

Diablo 2
Diablo 3

Use above links or choose your game from FAQ categories in the left menu or alternatively click "game mode" tag and then find your game.

Location of server dropdown

Each game has its own way of determining where you play. Some games are seasonal in nature, which means that after some time, your mode may change automatically. Make sure to check and confirm your game mode before every purchase.

Any products purchased before automatic game mode change, will be delivered on a game mode, where those products would end up on, if order was delivered instantly. Example: you buy 5 minutes before scheduled game mode change, so if we would deliver your order instantly, those products would end up on a different game mode after 5 minutes and that is where we will deliver your order.
  Is it safe?
We keep and update statistics for every service type in every game (based on feedback from our customers and delivery method). All stats currently show 100% which means that nobody lost account in any game (permanent ban). You can view detailed statistics by choosing your game from FAQ categories in the left menu or alternatively by clicking "safe?" tag and then clicking appropriate game.

We always take every precaution and make sure to deliver every order in the safest way possible but there are no guarantees. Overwhelming majority of our services shouldn't cause any harm to your account but only dishonest or inexperienced sellers will make false claims such as "100% safe". We have seen products that have been "safe" for years and then out of the sudden game developer started punishing everybody involved! Nobody lost account but benefits were removed and the biggest offenders received a warning or suspension. That said, we offer 100% money back guarantee for about 0.001% of our services which have proven history of revocations. You will find details on product page of said service(s), they usually involve reaching top 0.01% PvP ranking placements (e.g. top 100).
  Delivery method and details?
Every product group has its own information, rules and requirements. To learn more, click "product type" link in top-right corner of every product page (near price).
Main 4 product classifications are: Account, Boost (Self Play), Power Leveling (Account Share) and Trade, but there are also subtypes: Currency and Gear. Note that each game may have additional unique product subtype(s).
You can browse all product types by choosing your game from FAQ categories in the left menu and then clicking on appropriate title.

  Delivery time? Pre-order?
Majority of the products with 12 hours delivery are usually delivered within 60 minutes (less than 6 hours for 24-36h), if ordered during online hours (live chat icon is green).

Delivery means different things for different service types*:
# Trade / Account - maximum delivery deadline
# Boost - maximum time to start, you can find information how long it takes after boosting begins (or to prepare) in product's description
# Power Leveling - delivery time based on previous services of this type (service will start within 24 hours since we can access your account)

Stated delivery time is for one product, it may add up if you purchase multiple products of the same type.
You can check status of your order here or ask about progress by replying to your order email (answer may take up to 24 hours as we may need to contact person performing/preparing the service directly).

Pre-order means that it may not be in stock and we may need to reach out to our suppliers.
We will deliver what you ordered within 30 days, however most of the time it only takes x days. For services (Account Share and Self Play), it means that we will start within 30 days, it does not include the time the service takes.
If you purchased other items with faster delivery time in the same order, we may deliver everything else you ordered first and your pre-ordered item(s) will be sent via a new email when available (separate delivery).

* You can see "product type" link in top-right corner of every product page (near price).
  Shop Features and Tips
A lot of time and money was invested to improve your experience and to make purchasing as intuitive and informed as possible. Every detail was meticulously crafted but it is still just a work in progress, though that will never change because there is always something that can be improved. Here you will find a list and tips on how to use itemforge.com to the fullest.

Every product has:
- Delivery time and price that will change based on selected options (or game mode).
- (?) buttons that explain possible options in detail when you hover over or click them
- Link (top right corner of product page) explaining delivery method and delivery details like which information from you is required and other guidelines
- Attributes which can be used to filter products on category page or to compare items side by side with comparison list, which is accessible by clicking small diagram icon near "Add to Cart" button (very useful for comparing full gear sets)
- Wishlist is accessible by clicking small heart icon near "Add to Cart" button, you can share and edit your list on "my account" page.
- Picture which can be enlarged when you click or hover over it

1) Before buying anything, you need to choose your server from a dropdown (top-right side of category page or first option dropdown on product page). Not all items are available on every game mode and price/delivery may vary from server to server so please choose it before browsing. Shop will remember your choice via Cookie but you can also easily change it at any time by selecting another server from this dropdown.
2) You can make a quick purchase from category page (without opening product page or selecting any options) but only very basic customization is available this way. If you need to know details about the service or require a full list of options, you will need to go to product page or use QuickView (button is available when you hover over a picture, it is located in the top-right corner).
Short description is available only if you use QuickView or browse as a list (as opposite to a default grid layout). You can change between list and grid view with icons located in top-left corner of category page.
3) If you know exactly what you want, try using search bar in the header (top of every page) and it will display suggested results. If you don't see what you are looking for, press enter or click search icon to see advanced search options.
4) You can use filters (below header, on top of category page) to narrow down the results to specific properties you are looking for. This is especially useful for:
- distinguishing selfplay (Trade/Boost) and account shared services (Power Leveling)
- filtering items by their quality/type or class that can use it
There is also a SortyBy option (top right corner) that enables you to arrange (A-Z or 1-∞) products by: popularity (default), price, delivery time, level required and sometimes other properties, unique to the game/category you are browsing.

Available contact channels are click-able in the header or you can use our contact form. You can also help yourself by finding answers to the most common questions in this FAQ.

If you don't complete your purchase, all items you add to cart will stay there for 30 days (unless price or terms change). If you register account, you will be able to go through checkout faster and when you log-in, saved cart will transfer between devices!
  Payment Methods
CURRENTLY AVAILABLE METHODS (green means it is safe*):

1) PayPal logo PayPal (you can also use Credit Card credit card logos and more)

If you use eCheck, you may need to wait 3-5 business days until the eCheck clears. Use balance or credit card if you want us to receive your payment instantly.

2) Skrill logo Skrill (you can also use credit card Credit Card logos and more)

Gateway includes PSC, BTC and about 20 local payment methods, only those available in your country will be displayed (during checkout). There are more payment methods available but only through the Skrill Wallet (via add funds option).

AliPay logo AliPay

AstroPay Cash logo AstroPay Cash

AstroPay Direct/Offline Bank logo AstroPay Direct/Manual Bank

Bitcoin logo Bitcoin (BTC)

Direct Debit logo Direct Debit (ELV)

ePay.bg logo ePay.bg

EPS logo EPS (NetPay)

Giropay logo Giropay

iDeal logo iDeal

Klarna logo Klarna (former Sofort)

Neteller logo Neteller

Nordea Solo logo Nordea Solo

PaySafeCard logo PaySafeCard (PSC)

POLi logo POLi

Przelewy24 logo Przelewy24

Rapid Transfer logo Rapid Transfer

Trustly logo Trustly

Union Pay logo Union Pay

3) Manual bank transfer

First please check if instant bank transfer via Skrill is available in your country.
Our bank is located in Europe so use SEPA if you live in European Union and OUR if not. SEPA usually arrives within 1-2 business days, OUR may take 3-5 days.

More payment methods will become available in the future so check back often.
If you use payment method that doesn't generate payment receipt automatically (e.g. bank transfer), you will receive email confirmation when we process your payment.

* Payment verification is not necessary, more details here.

  Payment Verification
Some payments do not pass our security screening and in order to protect ourselves from reversal, we may ask you to prove ownership of the money, it is a standard procedure. Only some payment methods are affected (usually those allowing the use of credit cards), please refer to "Payment Methods" FAQ to learn more. If you are planning on spending a large amount of money in a short time, you will need to do this verification.
You only have to do it once! After successful verification you will become our verified client. If you create account on our site with the same email, you will be able to confirm your verification status on "my account" page and all future orders will be processed automatically.

You may receive email requesting verification within 24 hours after we receive your payment, please respond with:
1) Your telephone number, we may need to call you for a brief chat (land line preferred)
2) Photo or a scanned image (in color and .jpg or .png) of any valid government-issued identification document with your photo on it (e.g. driver's license, identity card or passport):
* If possible, make your purchase and respond from primary email registered to the payment method used (to prove that you have access to that mailbox);
* Provide a piece of paper with "ITEMFORGE" written on it, placed on the document (see example photo), alternatively you can use a photo editing software to place a text (must be without background);
* You can cover birth date or any identification numbers and your photo, we only need to see expiration date and your name (it must match the one you made payment with).

example ID

Why do we need this?
This is anti-fraud protection, stolen/hacked credit cards or PayPal accounts are common in this industry and this is the only way to verify that you are the rightful owner. There is no physical shipping of the products so there is no way to prove that virtual goods were delivered or to recover them later. Every (legitimate) site that sells digital products worth more than 30$ will either call you or require photo identification (and sometimes also your utility bill to verify your address).
Sending image of your document is perfectly safe. We recommend covering all unimportant information and by placing "ITEMFORGE" on it, you ensure that it can't be used for anything else.

I don't want to do this, can I cancel my order?
Yes, of course or you can simply pay with a payment method that does not require it. You will get a full refund within 7 days after you request it (cancellation form is attached to your order receipt).

We are sorry for the inconvenience :(
  How to keep account safe?
- Do not mention in-game buying or paying real money for anything that can be considered unfair advantage, even whispers are monitored. We appreciate word of the mouth but your safety is more important than our profit, keep such discussions outside of the game.

- Never give anything (even information) to people pretending to be from ItemForge, impersonating trusted community members or representing gaming company. We will always send all information via official channels (e.g. email) and we will never introduce ourselves in-game or even chat with you (beyond what is required).
Assume that everything is a lie (your friend asking for a loan out of the blue, could have been hacked). Somebody may pretend to be your friend, just to scam you after months or even years. If you have valuable stuff, scammers will come for you wearing many disguises!

- Do not click any link or download any files you receive by email or via Instant Messaging programs, even if it is from a friend (they might have been hacked). Ask for official download link and make sure the site is legit (statute, physical address and company info, social media presence and/or reviews).
Check all links by hovering over them before clicking to see where they lead, if possible use ctrl+v or type them in. Domain name is always on the left (before any "/") but you read it from the right so e.g. //itemforge.example.com/example2.itemforge means that the real domain is example.com and this link leads to a page named example2.itemforge. Links can be spoofed and you can't see where they really lead so never click anything from people you don't trust, this includes URL shorteners. Emails can also be spoofed and pretend to be sent by a legit company, to see where email was originated from, check source (look for "received" and "DKIM-Signature").
Some programs that enhance your gaming (or PC experience in general) may be infected with keyloggers. If it is not available on a reputable site that guarantees virus-free downloads, then it is probably not worth the risk.

- Never share your password or any sensitive information that can be used to gain unauthorized access to your account (e.g. the same password for the game and your email). If one day you find your account locked for no reason (you didn't change hardware or installed a new system), it means that somebody knows your login information and tried to hack you. Do NOT unlock it, first scan for keyloggers and then reset your password(s).
If you need to do an ID verification, always edit/watermark the picture so it can't be used for any other purpose (or site). You can do that by placing company's name on it. We always ask you to place "ItemForge" anywhere on the document, to ensure that it can't be used for verification on any other site.

- Do not use any 3rd party software, especially dangerous are those applications that require you to run .exe file beside game client or modify game files in any way (note that many games allow addons which are mostly safe, but do a bit of research before using). Also be careful about exploits and if you do exploit, never promote it or brag about it publicly.

- Allow only people you trust on your account or you will lose it sooner or later. There are many dishonest sellers out there, selling bot-made as hand-made so be careful, especially if price is too good to be true. You get what you pay for.

- Use new email address (or alias) for registering account on any site that you have doubts about. This way you will know who sold your information to hackers or spammers (it may take months to properly test this as clever scammers won't start spamming you right away). You can also protect your in-game login email by temporarily changing it for the duration of Power Leveling.

- Use multi factor authentication wherever available. Long passwords made of random signs, can be remembered by a password manager, you should use a different password on every site or game (backup your password manager's source and keep it offline e.g. on a pendrive, in case of hard drive failure or other disaster scenario).

- Browse with all scripts turned off, only enable it on sites you trust. Just opening a site may infect your computer if your browser automatically accepts everything that is fed to it. Most sites will work without (m)any scripts, it is advised to enable them selectively. Usually enabling domain (example.com), Google (google-analytics.com) and CDN (e.g. cloudfront.net) is enough to use most of the features. If something does not work, disabled script is probably the cause (often experienced during checkout).

- Keep your software up to date, especially operating system, anti-virus and browser (all can be set to auto-update so you only need to reboot from time to time).
  Where do you get items/currency, who is performing services?
ItemForge is a merchant, which means that we are in re-selling business (we add margin to the price we paid, to sell with a profit). We have our suppliers and employees like every other e-commerce.

People accessing your account to perform so called "100% Hand Made" Power Leveling are properly vetted and bound by a contract. We only work with reliable and responsible levelers, who take your privacy and safety seriously.

We are always looking for professional suppliers and serious remote workers, check appropriate pages for more details ("Jobs" and "Supply").
  Special Orders? Premium products?
For the most demanding players we offer premium products worth hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars but is there something that you want but can't find? Did you try using "search"?
It probably means that it's not a part of our regular offer or it's very rare, but we may still be able to fulfill your special request.

Please send us an email titled "Special Order: game_name" with information:
1) Your game + game mode (server);
2) Product's name + statistics or detailed description of the service you want us to perform (current progress + desired progress);
3) Your budget or estimated price you are willing to pay for it.

We will respond within 72 hours with a custom quote. Note that delivery may take longer than the one listed for similar products (if any). For one of the kind products you can expect delivery to take days or even weeks.
  Do you swap/exchange?
We generally can't exchange your order, even if you purchased on the wrong game mode by mistake but we may make exceptions, depending on ordered products and how fast you inform us. Please reply to your order receipt email if this happened to you and do not forget to mention correct game mode (server).

Unless you are our supplier we do not accept barter (other goods or services) in exchange for our services. We also do not swap/trade/exchange items, currency or services, you can only pay us with money (check "Payment Methods" FAQ).
The Twitch stream costs 35$ and is available for Power Leveling products for Diablo 3 and WoW.
You will be able to watch your character during the service.

- You will receive a link to your stream via email;
- Stream will be online whenever your account is being used;
- Names, chat and any identifying markers will be hidden for your safety and privacy;
- You must order it before your account is unlocked (not every Leveler is able to stream);
- It will cost the same regardless if service takes 1 hour or 10 days.