Offer is only for MMORPG players.
We are always looking for serious and reliable gamers who value quality above everything else. If you want a career in gaming industry, we have many opportunities from a simple Power Leveler to management positions.
All jobs described here are remote work from home, which is often solitary. We embrace this model because we don't need to rely on a local talent and you save time/money on commute and appearance.

Working for ItemForge is much harder than similar e-commerce jobs in other industries because of the complexity and constant changes of online games. You will need to become very efficient with API and other office tools, learn & adapt is the name of this game. You don't need any spectacular gaming skills or accomplishments to work here, knowledge of economy, itemization and relevant game mechanics is more valuable in this industry (theory > practice when it comes to non-gaming positions).

This opportunity is quite unique and you will learn a lot of advanced internet/gaming skills and tricks so you need to have a solid background already. We don't hire just anybody so browse our site and make sure that you are qualified and a good fit before applying. If you need hand-holding with every little thing or daily pat on the back, this career is not for you.
We respect ideas/creativity and believe in fairness and transparency. You will always receive honest feedback and can choose or even create your own career path (based on tasks you enjoy doing the most).

Basic training will be provided, but depending on the position and your qualifications, you may need to learn a game for free. During 1-3 months trial we won't pay you to play (learn) games so if you never played the most popular MMOs in the world, you will have to catch up in your off hours (don't worry, you will have xx hours to decide if you want a job, before committing). Above average gamer can usually reach endgame and learn basics (which are required to perform first tasks) in 100-200 hours of power gaming and/or reading.
It would be great if you played a game you are working on in your free time but it's not required. Often reading is enough to stay up to date long-term and knowing how to do something does not require actually accomplishing it (e.g. grinding a cosmetic).

CM (Content Management)
Every position will have a wide range of tasks and responsibilities but the main theme of them all is product management, expect to do that at least 75% of the time. You will creating content that potentially thousands of people will read so it must be perfect. Precision and attention to detail are the most important skills for those positions so if you can't put 5 sentences together without making a typo, look for a job elsewhere.

Following CM positions are available:
NOOB 40h a week (2-4$ / hour- about 300-600$ / month) High
RANDOM 20+h a week (4-7$ / hour- about 500-1000$ / month) Medium
PRO 20+h a week (more than a Random) Medium
MASTER 40+h a week (% of the profit and/or a fixed salary) High

We Offer:
- A lot of freedom and/or flexible hours
- Long term (this job is for years - the game may change, but the players remain the same!)
- Wide variety of interesting tasks and challenging projects for the brightest

We Require:
- Attention to details
- Professionalism
- Passion for MMO games
- Constant improvement and great problem solving skills
- Minimum 20-40h a week, flexible hours should be possible if you need it

Desired Traits:
- Multitasking and focus
- Ability to read, adapt and learn fast (games change all the time, you need to stay up to date)
- Thick skin

You will NOT be a great fit if:
- you didn't spend at least a few thousands hours playing computer games (you must communicate and think like a gamer)
- you use default settings and your computer usage is limited to browsing web pages (weak API experience)
- you are not able to dedicate the best hours of your day to this work or need a close supervision

NOOB 40 hours a week (2-4$ / hour- about 300-600$ / month) High

Special requirement: communicative English
You need to learn basics about every game that is offered and choose at least 1 game that you will learn well. This job will involve:
- Taking + cropping screenshots and simple ctrl+v edits of product descriptions
- Delivery + trading
- (optional) Services like power leveling or boosting + researching and testing new ones
- (optional) Making gameplay videos (dubbing is not required)
This position will require good enough PC to handle the newest games (sometimes multiple clients opened at the same time) and patience for menial tasks.

RANDOM 20+ hours a week (4-7$ / hour- about 500-1000$ / month) Medium

Special requirement: 99% correct English and attention to detail to do re-writing tasks like:
- Adding statistical data to descriptions (hard ctrl+v)
- Replicating offer in different marketplaces (auctions)
- Summarizing guides (excerpt)
- Customer service (written)
- Proofreading
Nobody with a few years of computer/internet experience (few hours of daily usage) should have any problems with using different API(s) to do mostly ctrl+v (you will not be asked to create anything but to fit existing text into a different layout).

PRO 20+ hours a week (more than a Random) Medium

Special requirement: sufficient expertise in at least one popular game to write descriptions (present a lot of info, using as few words as possible) and to add/update products (know all the possible options and their price/availability).
You need to know game mechanics and itemization by heart (at least 3000 hours /played and /read in the past 3 years).

You need to be expert in either game (or any equally popular one), guidelines:
Custom game: be in the top 10% (<1% pref) in at least one aspect: Economy/PvP/PvM/Cosmetic.
D2: Know every useful item, their attributes and price (someone who became rich via trading should have that knowledge)
D3: Know all popular builds, general stats priority and which item enables/enhances which build (someone with 2000+ paragon should have that knowledge)
WoW: Know how to farm all cosmetic items and how to use resources to speed everything up e.g. fast leveling (someone who completed all achievements should have that knowledge)

If you think you have what it takes, answer following question:
Custom game: prove your expertise by comparing yourself to the best players from each aspect.
D2: What are the stats (including def and req) of perf Dream Kurast Res and perf Exile Kurast ED?
D3: What are values of perf Rare Amulet and perf properties of the best leveling Legendary Boots (used to quickly reach 70 lvl)?
WoW: How many days/hours would getting all Argent Crusade Faction Mounts take?

MASTER 40+ hours a week (% of the profit made by your work and know-how and/or a fixed salary) High

Special requirement: in-depth game knowledge (10.000 hours played and impressive accomplishments to back it up), to be solely responsible for adding and maintaining offer for at least one popular MMO (preferably a game that is not in ItemForge's offer already).
It is creative work that involves writing descriptions, guides, inventing products to sell and setting up supply-delivery chain with the help of ItemForge's resources. You need to be independent, self-motivated and be able to figure out things by yourself. Little to no training will be provided - you are expected to know how to do everything (and do it well). This opportunity is for top <1% players ONLY and will require a serious intellectual commitment from you.

Need all of the following information in your offer, failing to provide a clear answer to any of the topics will most likely cause your application to be auto-declined. Email your application to (title format: "position-game name" e.g. "PRO-D3 John Smith").
1. Which position are you applying for, why that one? Which responsibility do you find the most/the least appealing? What will you be doing most of the time (what do you think this position is all about)?
2. Typing speed (words/strokes per minute via 10fastfingers)
3. Experience in online gaming industry and D2 D3 WoW knowledge
4. MMO accomplishments (only list impressive things that take thousands of hours)
5. Weekly and yearly availability (how many hours and days per week you want to work)
6. Preferred trial and long-term hourly price
7. Can you play without ping issues on servers located in Europe and America? (try D3 trial and make some levels on BOTH game modes)
8. Cover letter (sell yourself!)
9. Previous work experience and where you are from
You will receive an automated response, acknowledging that we received your email. If you don't hear back from us within a week, we are probably not interested but we will respond to every application.