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Andariel's Visage

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Arreat's Face

Andariel's Visage (ETH)

The most popular ethereal merc helm.
Delivery: hours

Andariel's Visage is the best helm for 2 Act mercenary because of +2 to All Skills, good defense, Life Leech and also 20% IAS.
With 15 IAS jewel inside it allows your mercenary to reach next IAS breakpoint which will increase his dps.
Ethereal items used by a mercenary do not lose durability and have 50% more defense.

Defense: 464-580
Durability: 11
Required Strength: 92
Required Level: 83
15% Chance To Cast Level 15 Poison Nova When Struck
+2 To All Skills
+20% Increased Attack Speed
8-10% Life Stolen Per Hit
+100-150% Enhanced Defense
+25-30 To Strength
+10% To Maximum Poison Resist
Fire Resist -30%
Poison Resist +70%
Level 3 Venom (1-20 Charges)
Ethereal (Cannot Be Repaired)
More Information
Product Type Trade
Quality Ethereal Unique
Level Required 83
Type Elite, Universal
Recommended for Mercenary Act 2
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